Friday, 4 July 2008

His white My white

The weekend is here again, and so as not to miss too much of it, the bedroom decorating will begin tonight. I found so much bedroom inspiration on the Living Etc site. I love the just moved in style of the image on the right and this idea of a glass inspiration wall on the left. I hate to pin or tack things on my walls as both leave marks but this glass board can be tacked and re-tacked with an ever changing collage. I might use one of my big mirrors in this way?
Above are my two favorite bedrooms light, dreamy, maybe a bit too girly? For the husband I think these two pictures below are more his taste. Anyway we are on a budget so we will have to work with the accessories we already have. I will try to accommodate both our tastes and see you sunday evening with the results. I hope. Have a great weekend!

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