Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Well I got my internet fixed today. But something as simple as stooping to reach for a mascara this morning and I have thrown my back out. So not much to be done from the discomfort of my living room floor. But my lovely friend Becky came to be my baby sitter today, thanks beck's, bringing with her the gorgeous 8 week old Amelia. Amelia as it turns out is the perfect visitor as she spent the day laying on the floor too so I didn't feel silly. Off to take some crazy strong painkillers now and try to sleep. Hope to be back properly soon.


Maureen said...

That is one beautiful baby. Lovely snap also.

Hope the back is improving...dangerous, that mascara!

hrsj said...

oh my she's a lovely wee thing!
i see this happened wednesday, how are you now? [i'm reading backwards, so maybe i'll read and find out]