Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kind embrace

Tuesdays smile was made by the new items in the Two Trees shop owned by Shanna Murray over on Etsy. These little bears are such a joy. All embroidered and stitched by Shanna's fair hand, each one is stuffed with real sheep's wool and wears a little hand knitted scarf. They also carry a linen heart in their front pockets on which you can write a special message. How adorable is that? I love this quote from Shana's profile.
"I believe in simplicity. In living a deliberate life that is fill of purpose, kindness, growth and love for the earth and each other. I want to encourage a thoughtful and kind embrace of the world we live in."

Found via Smosch and Freshly Blended

All images and quotes Shanna Murray.


Kimberlee said...

oh just gorgeous! Got to love etsy and the wonderful creative people that have their wares on sale!

Alice said...

aww adorable ! :)