Sunday, 22 June 2008

Dodging yorkshire's

Saturday was baking mayhem a few mistakes due to my lack of preparation or research and a lot of stress, but I made it through and the taster evening was a success (maybe it was all the fruit and champagne cocktails we consumed?)
Sunday we lunched with the family and hung out with the (devilish but cute) niece and nephew, spending my meal time on the edge of my seat incase a yorkshire pudding got launched in my direction, further confirming the right decision not to have a family yet!
Now enjoying a quiet evening at home drinking a homemade iced amaretto latte and eating some cake that didn't make it to last nights party. I neglected to read to the end of the recipe where it said refrigerate overnight. Oh well we will just have to munch our way through it this week. How was your weekend?

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