Monday, 30 June 2008


Another one of my installments from World of Interiors magazine . You will all have to humor me on these as I have always kept these torn pages in a box for myself and now I have others to share them with. I hope you like them? I always enjoy reading the tales that accompany the images in WOI (even if a particular interior isn't to my taste). This particular article is about the fishermen of Torre d'Aires in southern Portugal. They build these seaside shacks from salvaged items found along the local shoreline and live in this little makeshift community during the fishing seasons. If you click on the images the words should be large enough to read.

This simple story really made me smile, when I was a child I spent many weekends happily building temporary camps and little houses from the old wood and salvage that my dad had stored at the end of our garden and allotment.

In this article Pictures by Solvi dos Santos and words by Mario de Castro for WOI


sofia barão said...

what a pleasure it was to read this article, thank you so much. I remembered my holidays when I was a kid, we used to spend summers in that lighthouse island 'Ilha do farol', Culatra, Tavira and Olhão. My family is from the south, right next to Algarve region in Alentejo...oh how miss those days!

This houses, it's only now that I see their beauty...when something is at your view all the time, you finally don't see it!

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you, It does make me crave a simpler way of life when I see people living like this ; )

hrsj said...

those structures are beautiful collages aren't they?
grown-up forts, they are so interesting.

whatever happened with your watercolor painting sessions?

Lobster and swan said...

Hi Heather, The water colours were not going my way this week. I have shelved them for awhile in favor of a spate of collage. ; )

Diane said...

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