Monday, 5 May 2008

Sheffield park

The boy is back and now a fledgling surfer! Another crazy sport under his belt and I'm sure a new obsession is blossoming. Talking of blooms leads me on to the fabulous day we had at Sheffield Park gardens. After spending last night out on the town with some very drunk friends and knowing the aftermath bank holiday boozing would continue today, we decided to sneak away to somewhere more peaceful. As you can see all the shrubs are just starting to come into flower, it was like natures own fire work display. Huge still lakes, waterfalls and bridges. Giant fish and tiny tadpoles were just a few of the things we saw on this beautiful spring or is 20°c a summer day? To complete our day we stopped for a delicious late lunch at The global village great food and a courtyard of interiors boutiques, I just love it when a day accidentally turns out perfect.

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Mirka said...

So beautiful! And I like your expression of "nature´s own fire work display". That describes the sight perfectly.