Friday, 30 May 2008


I'm enjoying being a lady of leisure for a few days before I start another new job. My husband will be pleased to know (he is away for a week working on a tour of some kind) in his absence I have been sorting through the piles of paper and magazines I often deposit around our house. Whilst rummaging I found these great pages I kept about spanish artist Ernesto Caivano His own website is still under construction, but you can find out more about Ernesto and some other great artists over at The Richard Heller Gallery site.

There is so much to say, darn it, I will just post the article here. I think if you click the image it should be big enough to read. It is well worth the eye strain to read the about the amazing things this guy creates.

Such dedication and patience!

Wishing you all fun for this Friday night and the rest of your weekend.

Images-Ernesto Caivano.

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Uncle Beefy said... amazing! Such an inspiration!
See holding on to all those mags can come in handy ;)