Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mr and Mrs

Little post to say hello! and thank you so much for all your well wishes. We had a beautiful perfect sunshine wedding day. And an amazing time in New York. From now on I shall answer to the name Mrs Hearne.

I went to change my name at the bank yesterday without thinking that maybe I should have been practicing my new signature. Needless to say some improvement needs to be made! These are my favorite bits of New York. So much to see and do. My feet are just about growing back after I walked them off all around this beautiful city. We also spent a day at Coney Island as it was just opening up for summer. It was nice to get a train out of the city and enjoy the sunshine on the beach. It was a bit like being at home, we live in is a summer kind of town. I just love the kitsch nature of seaside places.

Anyway back home now in Old Blighty, I always wondered about this phrase, but arriving below the clouds to wet, damp drippy days says it all. I love home. But not today.


thriftymrs said...

Huge congrats!
Wow you move fast in changing your name. I have been married since feb 2007 and I still haven't got round to doing it.

chelsea fuss said...


Cathy said...

Hey Mrs Hearne! Glad you had such a lovely time. New York is such an amazing place - we went for a week before the children were born, and I'd love to go again. Hope you soon get used to your new signature!
Cathy X

Uncle Beefy said...

Well, Mrs. Hearne...a fine, fine looking couple you and "your husband" make! Love the photo! (Carrie Bradshaw ain't go nothin' on you!) Glad that the weather worked out well for you on your day. And being from Seattle you know I know how much that means ;)

Good luck with the signature practicing. I imagine you'll be quite pleased with that homework assignment ;)

hrsj said...

oh my 'Mrs. Hearne', you look so beautiful. I really can't stop looking at that photo, you two are so beautiful. Congratulations again! I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip and are home again safely. I hope the first days [and all the days actually] of your lives together are blessed!

Lobster and swan said...

Thanks all. It really was the best week of our lives : )