Saturday, 10 May 2008

Fly away little birds

I have started to pare down the home studio as we may be looking to sell our flat later this year. I have collected so many craft supplies and vintage bits and pieces over the years, and am now feeling a little overwhelmed by so much inspirational material. So I have decided to sell a lot of my collection and hope starting from the bare basics will re inspire me. I have neglected my little shop for a while but should be more regularly updating it from now on. See my updated shop here.


Mirka said...

Hi Jess! It´s been a while I was in the blogland. I´ve been reading & enjoying your posts now, what great things you have here again.
I know the feeling, when it´s getting full everywhere of crafty stuff, fabric pieces, buttons etc.etc. No room for all that. But sometimes it is so difficult to take distance of those items! Lovely shop updates!
Take care, Mirka

dean said...

good girl, get selling and buy new stuff! more fun

Lobster and swan said...

no new stuff, we are pairing down!