Friday, 30 May 2008


I'm enjoying being a lady of leisure for a few days before I start another new job. My husband will be pleased to know (he is away for a week working on a tour of some kind) in his absence I have been sorting through the piles of paper and magazines I often deposit around our house. Whilst rummaging I found these great pages I kept about spanish artist Ernesto Caivano His own website is still under construction, but you can find out more about Ernesto and some other great artists over at The Richard Heller Gallery site.

There is so much to say, darn it, I will just post the article here. I think if you click the image it should be big enough to read. It is well worth the eye strain to read the about the amazing things this guy creates.

Such dedication and patience!

Wishing you all fun for this Friday night and the rest of your weekend.

Images-Ernesto Caivano.

Poems, proverbs and garden thoughts.

Reading This {frolic} post about garden sketches reminded me of a book I have and love, called In and out of the garden by Sara Midda it's packed full of delightful sketches of gardens and gardening. The inside cover reads:-

"This book is a potpourri of garden love. Here are summer days of raspberry picking,swarms of bees laden with pollen, peas ripe for podding, herbs for flavouring. Every page as been hand painted. Dip into it for recipes, poems, proverbs and garden thoughts." Need I say more? Even when its windy and raining as it so often is in England, this is the kind of book that creates a little sunshine indoors.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mr and Mrs

Little post to say hello! and thank you so much for all your well wishes. We had a beautiful perfect sunshine wedding day. And an amazing time in New York. From now on I shall answer to the name Mrs Hearne.

I went to change my name at the bank yesterday without thinking that maybe I should have been practicing my new signature. Needless to say some improvement needs to be made! These are my favorite bits of New York. So much to see and do. My feet are just about growing back after I walked them off all around this beautiful city. We also spent a day at Coney Island as it was just opening up for summer. It was nice to get a train out of the city and enjoy the sunshine on the beach. It was a bit like being at home, we live in is a summer kind of town. I just love the kitsch nature of seaside places.

Anyway back home now in Old Blighty, I always wondered about this phrase, but arriving below the clouds to wet, damp drippy days says it all. I love home. But not today.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Just taking five minutes to relax before it goes nuts in my house. The hairspray and hair grips, the make up, the nerves. Maybe even two minutes for breakfast. Today is the day, next time I I post I will be a Mrs.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Debi Treloar brings the summer closer.

Quick post in between batches of my cup cake bake off. Had to pass on this link for the brilliant photographer Debi Treloar discovered Via ffffound, Via the Desire to inspire archives.

These pictures have made my overcast dark skied morning a whole lot sunnier.

Monday, 19 May 2008


So two days to go. I'm hoping today's grey sky will empty it's contents over the next twenty four hours so its clear Wednesday.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Stuart Kolakovic

Checking in with one of my favorite illustrators (above) and found this link too incredible not to share! Never been by Stuart Kolakovic Is just so beautiful, I don't know what else to say apart from go see! Also visit Stuart's blog here.

Thanks for the tip Catherine.

Images from Catherine Campbell and Stuart Kolakovic.

Monday, 12 May 2008

A little help from my friends?

If anyone out there has any tips on favorite places to go or local knowledge of what to see in New York City, they would be greatly appreciated : )
We've been a few times before so have done all the touristy stuff, now we're just content to be in New York. Where is the best place to get a good coffee, cake, clothes etc?

Never too old to play dress up

I quit my crummy job. I'm out, I'm free. This Saturday is my last shift. Just in time as I got a torrent of abuse from some impatient moo, who was in a hurry as she had parked on double yellows, and that was my fault how? Deep breaths and tomorrow off. Most of my colleagues are nice now I have got to know them but not nice enough, they say I should stay but I don't want to get used to the kind of crap we have to put up with. After twenty years they are hardened to it, but I don't fancy sidelining in bitterness. My cheery disposition is getting quashed and I am cynical enough about this world we live in. So time to move on. Back into my own clothes. I miss my clothes. Maybe I'm a little vain but I feel more like me when I can decide what to put on each day. At least I have had this little lady (my little cyber me) and all her cute outfits to keep me amused.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Fly away little birds

I have started to pare down the home studio as we may be looking to sell our flat later this year. I have collected so many craft supplies and vintage bits and pieces over the years, and am now feeling a little overwhelmed by so much inspirational material. So I have decided to sell a lot of my collection and hope starting from the bare basics will re inspire me. I have neglected my little shop for a while but should be more regularly updating it from now on. See my updated shop here.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fluttering paper hearts

Having fun spending a little time filling glassine envelopes with confetti for our guests. Getting hold of plain white confetti in small amounts locally is nigh on impossible but good old W H Smiths came good for me with these grey and ivory biodegradable hearts. These are even better than white as they match Deans shirt and my shoes.

I was never a little girl who dreamed of getting married and my boy hadn't planned on it either so it came as quite a surprise to us both when we decided that was what we wanted, thats why I guess we aren't going too nuts, casual, maybe a tad too chilled out, my relaxed approach to organizing this wedding and late ordering means we still have no invites! I hope they arrive soon. Well if they don't show up before they'll make pretty thank you cards. Luckily the family know where to go and at what time (you do, don't you?)

I did however have a lot of fun as a child dreaming of being showered with confetti. Shaking blossom from branches, kicking Autumn leaves in the air, emptying hole punch trays and launching the contents skyward. My love of paper in all forms obviously started to show itself early. What with the delicate hearts and glassine envelopes I'm in dream come true paper heaven!

I love Lollia

On Saturday I also picked up these super cute mini hand creams from Lollia. I am going to give them to my sisters as favors on my wedding day, the packaging is so pretty I know they are going to love them.

Researching further I have discovered that these lovely products are also stocked in Anthropologie, so Dean my darling if you loose me on our honeymoon the best place to look for me will be at 375 West Broadway. Best you just don't let me out of your sight!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Harper Grey

So my Tunbrigde wells visit on Saturday was a success, thanks to Katherine for the tips on where best to look for shoes. I picked up these Harper shoes from the carvela concession in Hoopers. I love the soft grey and the mixture of suede and leather. I love that they were a third of the price of others on the list of possibles and I love that I can wear them again and again as they are not "bridal" shoes : ) Whilst in the High street I popped in the new Noa-noa store and grabbed a couple of catalogues and some complimentary chocolate taffy for the train journey home. I love these stores and wish I had enough money to just load up a trailer with one of everything they have in my size. Pictures will have to tide me over for now as I must remember, I will be able to bask in the glory of Anthropologie in New York in two weeks time and pick up some pretty clothes there. How was your weekend?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Sheffield park

The boy is back and now a fledgling surfer! Another crazy sport under his belt and I'm sure a new obsession is blossoming. Talking of blooms leads me on to the fabulous day we had at Sheffield Park gardens. After spending last night out on the town with some very drunk friends and knowing the aftermath bank holiday boozing would continue today, we decided to sneak away to somewhere more peaceful. As you can see all the shrubs are just starting to come into flower, it was like natures own fire work display. Huge still lakes, waterfalls and bridges. Giant fish and tiny tadpoles were just a few of the things we saw on this beautiful spring or is 20°c a summer day? To complete our day we stopped for a delicious late lunch at The global village great food and a courtyard of interiors boutiques, I just love it when a day accidentally turns out perfect.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Cider, fish and chips.

Sunday and the boy is still in devon surfing with some friends and this madness is going on in the Old town all over the bank holiday weekend.
The best day to go is monday for the slaying of Jack (symbolic of course) There will be people smearing green paint on your face, morris dancers everywhere and cidered lemonade and fish and chips for dinner! Dean will be back tomorrow to chaperone me safely around this crazy event. But for today I think I'm going to stay home do some painting and update over here.