Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tuesday so soon

Saturday I had a great day hanging out with a soon to be new mummy friend, in the sun with just a wrap to keep snug. Sunday had a promising sunny start so Dean and I popped to town to grab some more record cards and browse the estate agents windows again. A few flakes fell then a dash more. We decided snow was the perfect reason to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors keeping warm by baking. So with a new recipe book tucked under my arm and new icing bag in hand we made our way home. Two hour later we looked out of the window to see this! Thought I'd catch it on camera as it doesn't snow in the south of England very often. Unperturbed we braved the snow to visit some nearby friends with a batch of hot chocolate brownies and a plate piled high with hot Churro's, yummy spanish doughnut sticks. This recipe is from the new recipe book Piri Piri Starfish: Portugal Found by Tessa Kiros. This is such a beautiful book that paints your thoughts with pictures of age old traditions and a great big dose of happy family time spent around the kitchen table. I hope when you click on this image you can read the recipe.
we had great fun making these, mind the hot oil though!

Late now, as usual, will be back later with some thank you's!


Valisa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tessa Kiros. I have all of her past books! When I gave birth to my son, I actually took Falling Cloudberries to the hospital as my *joyous* read. My in laws thought I was completely crazy... I am looking forward to this new book of hers - making my way to Amazon this minute to order it!
mmmm Churros - I'm drooling here. I have been using the Moro cookbook recipe to make it - must make some this weekend ;-)

Mirka said...

The snow fall must have been quite a surprise there, it was even in the Finnish news that it was snowing so much in England. But it seems you had a very cosy day indoors with baking all those delicious things.

Naomi said...

ez was right, you do have a great blog!