Thursday, 3 April 2008

Jasna's world

Early finish today and I am happy to be home. It is sunny out and the light in my house is making me happy. With this in mind I had to post about the beautiful world of one of my favorite flickr contacts Jasna Janekovic.

Jasna creates such pretty things and has a wonderful home full of delicate trinkets and textiles. Her pictures have a calming white quality even though she uses lots of colours. I always check her page first to see any new photos or items she has posted on flickr or in her Dewanda shop. Just read her magical flickr profile statement. It paints a beautiful picture and contains a great explanation for the colours she uses in her work.

"White: stands for the unit, the whole, for all what is and where we are coming from or what we really are, the absolute; all the colours are in it and the light.

Blue: soft, open, clear, clean, width, timeless (very good
for people who are always busy).

Pink: heart- chakra, love, soft, warm, happy, sweet.

I use green, violet, turquoise and yellow too, but I don’t use black, khaki, dark green, grey, or beige. They have a negative character for me. Red and orange I use very
sparingly. These colours mean for me fury, aggression, narrowness, weight (heavy), mourning and so on, and these are all emotions we want to get rid of.

I trim my projects with buttons (I love mother of pearl buttons), brooches, ribbon and lace to give them individuality or stitch them with pearls. I’m collecting old lace and buttons from the fleamarket."

I wonder if there is a blog in the pipelines? I'm sure if there was it would be beautiful!

All images from jasnajanekovic


Mirka said...

It seems I´ve missed a whole lot of things going on during the last 1.5 weeks that I´ve been away from the blogland. I do hope you are feeling better considering your job!! It is not ok to hear you so sad, and I understand completely, what you mean, I´ve had the same experiences. Of course everyone finally makes own decisions, but I´ve come to realise, I won´t push myself any more to things I really can´t take. So if you after a while still feel bad and uncomfortable, just take a new step!
And, you have again lovely new things featured in your blog, with the new header as well! : ) Take care, Mirka

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love her photos too and your beautiful blog!
Coming over via Creaturecomforts today....Glad I found you!