Thursday, 10 April 2008

Douglas Walker

"Late at night is when I like to work. My best hours are between midnight and dawn. In the dark the responsibilities that tie me to the world slip away and I can enter into another world of my own making. Its a great time to paint"

Says Douglas Walker. Seems like the perfect time to discover a new artist too.

All images Douglas Walker


Mrs.French said...

These are totally dream-like...thank you for sharing.

Ieva said...

that's gorgeous creations!
and I must agree with him - hours from midnight till dawn truly are amazing :)I loved them too! Now it changed a bit, but dawn still makes my heart happy :)

Lobster and swan said...

I know HOW beautiful is Douglas's work! I want all of them!

Mirka said...

What an artist, I´m really impressed. It kind of shows in his work that he loves to work at night. So dreamy and absent, and yet so present. Beautiful!

Naomi said...

these are so awesome! i love them, thanks for sharing.