Saturday, 19 April 2008

cupcake cuties

Saturday morning was spent in the delightful company of these two little darlings. My friend Roxanne's beautiful twin girls. I haven't seen them for ages and they can walk and talk and everything. I had the best time dodging yoghurt and reciting animal noises. I must make more of a effort to get to see them, its so hard to find time to fit everything in these teeny 24 hour time slots.

My afternoon was spent, as saturdays so often are these days, baking. Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes. Trying to find the perfect recipe for my wedding cakes, and this time I think I've found THE one. Page 167 of Apples for jam, another beautiful tome by Tessa Kiros. I just love the images she creates with the words on each page. Taking time out of my saturdays or sundays to try some of tessa's recipes, weaves little strands of bliss into even my most stressful, mundane or lonesome days. And thanks to B for the butterfly sprinkles x


AnastasiaC said...

i love Tessa Kiros' books too - beautiful styling and great recipes - i got her latest one last week...gorgeous!!!

hrsj said...

weekend baking is the best and your cupcakes look delightful- perhaps they help your job frustrations? I'm sorry to hear about that in your other post. What are you going to bake this weekend?