Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Yay for Paul!

The weather has taken a turn for the worse (again!) pouring with rain and way too windy for an umbrella! Makes me want to stay indoors and try to recreate some of the almost too beautiful to eat food by Sweet Paul. Paul has done a recent feature looking back at some of the fabulous work he and his marvelous photographer friends have created since he moved to New York. Plus if you still want to see more he will be Guest blogging over at This week for dinner.
How am I going to get to work? Drowned rat springs to mind, I don't even have anything with a hood, I am at the complete mercy of the skies and I think they have ideas of whipping my newly washed hair in to a soggy comb over!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

something blue

This is more like it, still lacking a groom in these inspiration boards but he doesn't need planning he's perfect just as he is x
I didn't really have a theme in mind, these colours just kind of found me. The dress on the left is the closest picture to mine that I can find, and again I just love these paper pom poms from Martha stewart. I fell in love with these cards from The paper peony over at Etsy and ordered some to use as my wedding invites.
We are pretty much leaving for NYC right after we toe the knot, this leaves us just enough time to grab a coffee and some yummy cake with our family.

I had a thought to pick up souvenirs whilst in New York to give as favors when we return, maybe some postcards with vintage images of the city could be used as tags. I could attach them to pretty bags of sweets and trinkets, Hershey's kisses are so cute and Anthropologie and ABC Home have lovely scented candles or other pretty accessories that would make great presents. (both of these websites are nothing compared to actually being inside either one of these beautiful shops!)
It will give me something to create in the early hours of the morning as I always seem to wake up at 5'ish when I am in New York.
Ps. I am still shoeless, a barefoot bride! The silver shoes from toast never appeared and the D&G's were too high. I am going to take myself off to Royal Tunbridge wells for the day on saturday. A desperate last ditch attempt or its going to have to be the only other pair of white shoes I own the nike airs!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

The basics

Have been reading great posts about wedding inspiration all over the place, so I thought as my big day is fast approaching I would indulge myself with some of my own. I just feel like squealing with excitement every time I think about it!
Above is the basic idea I have for our wedding, my next post will be more specific to our day and actual colours and so on.
cake shoes Decorations favors This site has been the best resource ever! Seems in all my joy I forgot the most important thing. . . . My groom! xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Old crockery to smash

Making mood boards is keeping me sane at the moment, the job is still hard to stomach. Monday was my first day back after two weeks training and the pressure combined with pushy (oblivious to human feeling) boss brought me to tears. I didn't want to cry, what a baby! How easily I revert to childish behavior in difficult situations. Can't think what's wrong with me, I get so easily overwhelmed these days. Even the frustration of rage makes me cry. Must find some old crockery to smash. The evil thought that it will be even worse for me to have to come back to this job after the utter joy of spending our honeymoon in New York probably isn't helping.

How long can I really continue with this horror? I feel an awkward conversation on the horizon. I get through my hours but in my heart I knew the day I started that this was not the place for me. Maybe even at the interview, was that the faint ringing of an alarm bell I heard in the back of my head? When they rang to offer me the job did my instinct say no even though the word YES slipped out of my mouth? I was so anxious to leave behind my old job that I just jumped from the frying pan straight into the fire and have now been enveloped in the flames. At least I have the full support of my future husband to jump ship! Hopefully the next jump will be into a placid ocean not a furnace of hideousness! Moaning aside I can see quite a comical side to it all so no need to put me on suicide watch just yet! I shouldn't complain I'm so happy in all other aspects of my life. Happy and excited about being a wife. Lucky to have fabulous family and friends.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

cupcake cuties

Saturday morning was spent in the delightful company of these two little darlings. My friend Roxanne's beautiful twin girls. I haven't seen them for ages and they can walk and talk and everything. I had the best time dodging yoghurt and reciting animal noises. I must make more of a effort to get to see them, its so hard to find time to fit everything in these teeny 24 hour time slots.

My afternoon was spent, as saturdays so often are these days, baking. Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes. Trying to find the perfect recipe for my wedding cakes, and this time I think I've found THE one. Page 167 of Apples for jam, another beautiful tome by Tessa Kiros. I just love the images she creates with the words on each page. Taking time out of my saturdays or sundays to try some of tessa's recipes, weaves little strands of bliss into even my most stressful, mundane or lonesome days. And thanks to B for the butterfly sprinkles x

Friday, 18 April 2008

How does your garden grow?

Yours being the operative word as I don't have one! Soon soon. But if I did I would dress it up with pretty coloured twine and decorative markers like these beauties from french company Botanique editions. As you can see they also could be used for other things like place markers for dinner parties or wedding receptions. I love this set of steel letter stamps which when slugged with a hammer emboss names onto the metal or plastic tags. More fabulous wedding ideas here too, Dean and I are off to New York pretty much straight after we get married so we are just having a few quiet drinks with our family and then making a dash for the airport,( not to terminal 5 I hope!) but we are thinking of having some kind of celebration or dinner party when we get back so I will keep these pretty ideas in mind for then.

All images Botanique editions.


7.30 I start at the station. Get on the train sit down. One door is stuck closed. Told to get off train. Muffled voice barely audible over the sound of other trains waiting to depart declares that this train is cancelled. Another one will be along in an hour. Today is my last day of training and I have an exam. It was all going so swimmingly and I managed to make each train on time (by the skin of my teeth). One stroke of luck is that I live so close to the station I can nip home and finish that toast I left on the table!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lemon cake

Been baking, editing my jewel box and posting over here today.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Edible varnish?

I know I have been neglecting both my blogs, but all the training and learning has taken it right out of me. It's all I can do to rustle up an evening meal. Especially with the contents of my fridge, mango jelly with a nail polish dressing yum!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Douglas Walker

"Late at night is when I like to work. My best hours are between midnight and dawn. In the dark the responsibilities that tie me to the world slip away and I can enter into another world of my own making. Its a great time to paint"

Says Douglas Walker. Seems like the perfect time to discover a new artist too.

All images Douglas Walker

Too good to miss

Holly over at Decor8 has blown my aesthetic senses tonight with amazing posts about all these talented folk! Beautiful paintings by Holly Farrell Gorgeous printed and embellished creations by Lyndie Dourthe and these pretty spoons from artist Magie Hollingworth go see go see! Its a day of psting too good to miss : )

Images from Magie Hollingworth,Lyndie Dourthe,Holly Farrell.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Gold and Black

Can't take my eyes off these stunning prints from Pica Pica design I love the dark brooding colour mix's and the combination of wild animals, children and patterns.
The colours in these fabulous prints lead nicely on to my next stop and the latest mouthwatering offerings from Cup cake bake shop. Pear, vanilla and chocolate. Boy o boy, am I just mad for cake all day everyday, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from in the recipe archives on this feast of a site!

Images from (top) Pica Pica design (bottom) Cup cake bake shop.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


A few people are making me feel popular today. A huge thanks to Ez over at creature comforts for this mention and lovely listing in her A-Z of design and style blogs. What a lovely surprise I arrived home to.

Secondly thanks to Katrina over at pugly feet (Those trays are a great find!) for the Excellence Award, Blush, Thank You : ) Can't quite make out what's wrong with the feet but she sure has a delightful face! I'm going to be diplomatic and award all the blogs in my making my day list with E for excellence, I couldn't possibly pick out 10. After all they are each responsible for being such good reads that my significant other barely gets any dinner or conversation or help with household chores these days or most evenings! Sorry Mr x x x

Thirdly thanks to all the people old and new who have stopped by to say hi and leave comments, they mean so much. I really look forward to coming home from my working day to catch up with all the blogs I love to read and to hear what you think.
Last but by no means least hello to Kate over at little doodles, thanks for your comment. I'm very happy to have discovered your patterns and gorgeous illustrations. Oh and hi to Valisa your pages are making me hungry, better go get that dinner started!

Bird illustration above from little doodles

Tuesday so soon

Saturday I had a great day hanging out with a soon to be new mummy friend, in the sun with just a wrap to keep snug. Sunday had a promising sunny start so Dean and I popped to town to grab some more record cards and browse the estate agents windows again. A few flakes fell then a dash more. We decided snow was the perfect reason to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors keeping warm by baking. So with a new recipe book tucked under my arm and new icing bag in hand we made our way home. Two hour later we looked out of the window to see this! Thought I'd catch it on camera as it doesn't snow in the south of England very often. Unperturbed we braved the snow to visit some nearby friends with a batch of hot chocolate brownies and a plate piled high with hot Churro's, yummy spanish doughnut sticks. This recipe is from the new recipe book Piri Piri Starfish: Portugal Found by Tessa Kiros. This is such a beautiful book that paints your thoughts with pictures of age old traditions and a great big dose of happy family time spent around the kitchen table. I hope when you click on this image you can read the recipe.
we had great fun making these, mind the hot oil though!

Late now, as usual, will be back later with some thank you's!

Saturday, 5 April 2008


once there was a jewelry box and inside that jewelry box there was a trinket box and inside the trinket box was a tiny porcelain doll that I had forgotten all about.

Sanna Annukka

This Saturday I love folk inspired artist Sanna Annukka the most.

All images from Sanna Annukka

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Jasna's world

Early finish today and I am happy to be home. It is sunny out and the light in my house is making me happy. With this in mind I had to post about the beautiful world of one of my favorite flickr contacts Jasna Janekovic.

Jasna creates such pretty things and has a wonderful home full of delicate trinkets and textiles. Her pictures have a calming white quality even though she uses lots of colours. I always check her page first to see any new photos or items she has posted on flickr or in her Dewanda shop. Just read her magical flickr profile statement. It paints a beautiful picture and contains a great explanation for the colours she uses in her work.

"White: stands for the unit, the whole, for all what is and where we are coming from or what we really are, the absolute; all the colours are in it and the light.

Blue: soft, open, clear, clean, width, timeless (very good
for people who are always busy).

Pink: heart- chakra, love, soft, warm, happy, sweet.

I use green, violet, turquoise and yellow too, but I don’t use black, khaki, dark green, grey, or beige. They have a negative character for me. Red and orange I use very
sparingly. These colours mean for me fury, aggression, narrowness, weight (heavy), mourning and so on, and these are all emotions we want to get rid of.

I trim my projects with buttons (I love mother of pearl buttons), brooches, ribbon and lace to give them individuality or stitch them with pearls. I’m collecting old lace and buttons from the fleamarket."

I wonder if there is a blog in the pipelines? I'm sure if there was it would be beautiful!

All images from jasnajanekovic

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Inspiration e-zine 3

More inspiring photos tonight. An eagerly awaited email alert from Erin over at Design for Mankind letting everyone know that the 3rd inspiration e-zine is out and ready to read. Horray! each new issue is packed with original ideas, beautiful words and great new blogs and sites to visit.
These two photos really called out to me.

See these images and read about the owners/photographers/artists (and many more) over at the Design for Mankind blog