Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Victorian Maiden

Found the perfect inspiration base for a bridal headpiece at Victorian Maiden. Made from soft velvet flowers and leaves, I think I would have to add a bit more sparkle and some kind of net, but I definitely like the way it is placed in this simple hairstyle. Whilst browsing the Victorian Maiden site I found all these gorgeous clothes that would make a great wedding, if you wanted to go with a nostalgic theme. I love the soft antique cream color of this dress and coat. Wowed by the pretty layers of this underskirt, actually I quite like the petticoat as a skirt in its own right. But I am a sucker for frills. and of course where would the traditional wedding party be without some over the top bridesmaids? How fabulous are these dresses!? If you got happily caught up in this whirlwind of ruffles and chintz head on over to Victorian Maiden and see what other great outfits they have.

All images from Victorian Maiden


Claudia said...

I must say that it is a little too much for me (I'm more minimalist) but I had a very good time looking at all those pretty clothes. I really don't see when I could put on something like that but I really like all the layers, the antique cream color and the feminine fabric. I really like the headpiece. As you said, it would work perfectly with a simple hairstyle.

Mirka said...

That headpiece is gorgeous!+ Those Victorian Maiden clothes looks so delicious.

Lobster and swan said...

i know its a bit over the top I to would not consider wearing chintz! but these clothes are so cute!

Adla said...

I can't get enough of frills myself! Loving the dresses.

chat soon, Adla

Mademoiselle coraile said...

The dresses(clothes) fascinated me, they are so beautiful!!!
It(He,She) wanted to have one of this!!
I am charmed with it(him,her,you) this style is so feminine, elegant and detailed ^-^
I do not speak English, but you can go on to my blog ^-^
au revoir

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the headpiece. What really made me smile was seeing the petticoats. I don't know why but I've always been fascinated with big poofy dresses. :)