Friday, 7 March 2008

Turning a cabbage into a rose

Friday morning and I'm falling in love with Cabbages and Roses all over again. After seeing their stand at a trade show a few weeks ago I can't get the faded beauty of the fabrics out of my head. I want to whitewash all my walls and hang the gauzy cottons at my windows. I must be suffering from spring fever! The Cabbages and Roses online boutique sells all these beautiful fabrics by the meter and a collection of homeware too. I think this antique rose on a duck egg blue background would make fabulous cushions, might compliment my charcoal sofa rather well. Poor Dean, whenever he arrives home from a trip he never knows what he will find changed! I will have to make a trip to their store the next time I'm shopping in the big smoke. I dream of decorating all day long. Trying to point my life in the right direction this year. Is this what I want to do with all my time? I'm having an epiphany being thirty an'all, its not a new wish for me but the feeling is so strong now its all I can think about. I would love to buy a five bedroom house and decorate every room from scratch so if anyone has a five bedder they can spare I'm ready to redesign it! Living in a small town and a recession in full swing is dampening my spirits a little. And where does one start?! So if you find a thirty year old woman cowering and looking bemused behind a bolt of Raspberry Natural Hatley it's probably me!
PS they also have a clothing line : )

All images from Cabbages and Roses

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