Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tooth cracking

Sunday was rainy. I entertained myself by making these easter cones from scraps of paper and fabric for a friends children. Said friend was very kind and invited me to easter lunch as the boy is away again. Monday was finding myself awake at 7am. I had invited my friend Emma-li round for lunch so what else to do at this hour? but bake. I tried this flapjack recipe from yarnstorm. I was carefully watching the clock, then decided to go change my bed sheets, took my eye off the ball for a second, over baked the flapjack. It turned out more like crunchy oaty butterscotch! Tasty but crunchy. Practice makes perfect and I must remember my oven is crazily hot. Burnt sweet complete I moved on to the boiling my first ham/gammon this turned out better. Served with the first of many spring salads, lunch was received well. Em is not afraid to embrace the experimental side of home baking! Just ask her about her unique recipe for banana cake!!


Mirka said...

Your cones are so adorable, and the photo with the small bunny there is so cute.
Mentioning about baking & cooking misfortunes, I´ve quite many of them... one example was that I was once trying to bake muffins in a microwave oven, and I just let them be there far too long. The result: they were all charred and completely black inside, uhhh!

Lobster and swan said...

he he x