Friday, 14 March 2008

stories and adventures

Meet my new old friend. Found via smoke and ochre who I discovered via Lantliv i stan.
He is one of Whendi's bears (although he is a Little Valentine Ellyfont). I love the way these little (some big) guys look as though they have already lived long lives full of stories and adventures as a child's well loved companion. Meet them all at Whendi's blog or Whendi's flickr.

I still have my favorite toy from when I was a kid, a battered old mouse with big friendly eyes,that my Granny gave me. I held his hand everywhere until one miserable day when I came home to find my mums new puppy had got lonely and chewed all the eyes off my toys.
Mousy was not spared, Granny tried to fix him but the damage was so that a new type of eye had to be used, much to my dismay they were the kind that when you shake them they rattled and moved. : (
He looked different, a little crazed, I still have him in a box somewhere. The dog was in my bad books from that day on.

Image from Whendi's flickr


Mirka said...

So, so sweet and adorable friend!! And Whendi´s photos are really great. Poor mousy, it must have been a big disappointment to see how he was treated by the puppy.

bronwyn said...

Thanks so much for the mention. I just fell in love with these bears as soon as I saw them, they have such amazing character and personality. Have a good weekend:)

bronwyn said...

Ooops, I signed in from my other blog by mistake, it was meant to be from Smoke & Ochre - absent minded is my middle name!