Sunday, 23 March 2008

Light as a feather.

Out for lunch- roast pork and light as a feather chocolate cake for pudding-very delicious and my Easter morning was spent avoiding chocolate by making my veil and garter. All these pretty sewing supplies I have hoarded up for years are finally getting to fulfill their destiny! This tiny little dove was all alone in a box at the Shirley leaf and petal co I couldn't leave him in the shop so I had to find space for him in my veil. I never really plan the things I create, I just poke around my sewing room and gather a collection of bits and pieces that I feel go side by side and some how they come together, so rolling with the bird theme I made my garter using some net that will match my dress, a bow for my something blue, a diamante heart and two brass swallow findings from Etsy to embellish it.


design for mankind. said...

Oh gracious--- how LOVELY! :)

Mirka said...

I hope you´ve recovered a bit from helping your friend. : ) But you´ve been busy during the weekend, lovely results I see here! Sure that "pride and prejudice" was bringing you in the right mood.
And do you know what happened with a great part of the easter chocolates I had bought already a while ago. Late yesterday evening I discovered I had forgotten them in my shopping bag, so not so much chocolate this time... By the way, the easter bunny-flower picture was so, so sweet. I just love those old cards. Have a good week! : )

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you both : )

Not sure how the flat is coming along, I haven't been there for a few days.

Hope it will be finished by the next time I see her! Lucky late find of easter chocolate Mirka!

Anonymous said...

Looks very pretty! And that shop looks AMAZING - I've filed it under "must visit" on my favourites list. I keep meaning to take a day trip to Hastings, as I've heard lots of good things about the Old Town area recently.