Thursday, 6 March 2008

Box of tricks

When I first found blogs and before I had my own laptop I would always beg a few minutes use of the other half's computer and my first stop would be Pam Garrisons to see what beautiful new things she had been creating. Still checking in to see what Pam is up to each week. If you go over to visit now you can see what lovely jewelry she has been making from the contents of this treasure box (above) at Art nest. I would so love to go on one of these art retreats, it looks like such fun to meet all these different creative people to share ideas with. There is a great Art Nest flickr pool too so you can view all the attendants work and I found another great blog from one of the organisers too Blue girlxo. Happy nesting!

Image from Pam Garrison


Mirka said...

Thank you for these links, they are very interesting and I will take a closer look at them all. That box full of those pieces of jewellery looks too delicious!!!

If you check the latest post in my blog, you´ll find something "taggy" there, if you want to do it.
Have a relaxing weekend!

Kate said...

That looks like a real box full of treasures :)