Monday, 31 March 2008

Neighborhood Watch

Got to work this morning to find my new boss getting whisked off to hospital with a broken wrist. Computer network goes down mid morning everything grinds to a halt for a while. Have grown fond of my mentor (in a strange needy sort of way) but she works her last day this thursday, two more weeks training after that, then they let me loose all by myself. Joan don't leave me I'll never be ready.

Lets not think about that. Time for a little escapism.

Whilst poking around the comments section over at the beautiful Montmarte's I found these gems by Eshu. The perfect way to spend an early spring evening.

All images by Eshu

Friday, 28 March 2008


Thanks for all your kind and encouraging comments, they have really comforted me at the end of this emotional roller coaster of a week. It's so strange for me not to be the one in control. At my old job I was the one that everyone asked for help or answers. I've surrendered my self to the fact that this is how it will be for a while. Got to keep my eye on the future and how doing this will get me where I want to be, with this in mind today was better, no tears and being busy and learning new things made my day fly by.

Anyway it's the weekend now and no work for two days yippee. The boy and I are off to London tomorrow and to Tiffany's to get our wedding rings, so its all smiles for a couple of days. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Tonight I am glad to be in the peace of my own home.

This is not a moan. Its me cleansing my emotions after one of the hardest weeks I've had in years. My comfort zone has been ripped wide open in my attempt at a career progression. I have left behind my very close friends and everything I know to embrace change. My new job.

Day one-dull but just taking it all in. I get through. Can I really do this?

Day two-spend the day holding in an emotional torrent which flowed freely from my eyes as I walked home. Making me seem somewhat like a crazy person walking the streets. (thus making me blend in perfectly in the area that I now work.) surely at the age of thirty you just don't walk out of a job after only two days? Am I a quitter?

Day three-sore throat is adding to my misery and my cigarette infused mentor is coughing and sniffing all over me. I come over rather queezy and just as I think I can't go on, fag ash Lil signs off early as her cold is getting to her (you and me both lady!) I spend the afternoon just observing long hours but it is all sinking in slowly. I am not a quitter.

Just want to thank my boy for looking after me and sweetly offering to support me for a while if I really can't stand it. But I really feel I must toughen up and not let my delicate princess persuasions rule my life. I tell myself to Stop being such a baby.

The thought of my wedding is glittering in my mind like an oasis right now. It's getting me through this transitional period of culture shock that I have knowingly inflicted upon myself. But I am not a quitter.

Hope anyone reading this is having a fabulous week, someone's gotta!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sofia Barao

Taking my mind off my rubbish new job this evening, this beautiful blog to read and lovely shop to browse.

Images from Sofia Barao's Etsy shop
I'm loving the set of butterfly rubber stamps that I received as a belated birthday gift at the weekend. Thanks B : )

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Light as a feather.

Out for lunch- roast pork and light as a feather chocolate cake for pudding-very delicious and my Easter morning was spent avoiding chocolate by making my veil and garter. All these pretty sewing supplies I have hoarded up for years are finally getting to fulfill their destiny! This tiny little dove was all alone in a box at the Shirley leaf and petal co I couldn't leave him in the shop so I had to find space for him in my veil. I never really plan the things I create, I just poke around my sewing room and gather a collection of bits and pieces that I feel go side by side and some how they come together, so rolling with the bird theme I made my garter using some net that will match my dress, a bow for my something blue, a diamante heart and two brass swallow findings from Etsy to embellish it.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Five a day

Wind, rain, hail, sleet. For the last few days I have been helping a friend redecorate her entire flat, she doesn't do anything by half! But last night I had blisters and calluses forming so I decided enough was enough and I took today off. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. The Easter bunny told me that with the absence of my Monica (from friends) harsh taskmaster style of over seeing of the project nothing much got done today. I guess they deserve a day of rest without me bashing their ears. Anyway I too have made great use of my free time today, a fugitive from the weather I have been watching pride and prejudice and consuming my own body weight in chocolate. Why is there no one here to stop me and make sure I get my five a day!

Hope everyone is having a happy Easter!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

"Art In Ashland"

They are at it again. "Art In Ashland" One day I will get to go on one of these art retreats! Quite an expense as I live so far away but wow what a vacation, the classes look so good and I would love to visit Oregon one day too. "Featuring Artists Pamela Garrison, Amy Hanna and Anahata Katkin in a beautiful crystal ballroom and garden courtyard." It all looks amazing and it would be great to see what each artist brings with them as inspiration. I wouldn't want to leave. These images are so beautiful I had to show them.
The venue is not too shabby either!

"Art In Ashland" August 2-5th, 2008 in downtown Ashland, Oregon. At the Historic Ashland Springs Hotel.

All images from

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I woke early today, I was to help a friend clean and redecorate her flat, knowing her tendency to sleep in I thought I'd take a walk in the morning sun. My feet ran away with me and I ended up quite some way from home but while I was in the mood for wandering I made my way to a few of my "maybe I could live here' roads. I was lucky and found quite a few houses I liked for sale.
My walk also took me past a house (pictured) I will never live in, one of the highest priced around here, but I can dream. I also discovered someone else (with similar taste) has posted their dream house recently too over here at The bedlam of beefy.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tooth cracking

Sunday was rainy. I entertained myself by making these easter cones from scraps of paper and fabric for a friends children. Said friend was very kind and invited me to easter lunch as the boy is away again. Monday was finding myself awake at 7am. I had invited my friend Emma-li round for lunch so what else to do at this hour? but bake. I tried this flapjack recipe from yarnstorm. I was carefully watching the clock, then decided to go change my bed sheets, took my eye off the ball for a second, over baked the flapjack. It turned out more like crunchy oaty butterscotch! Tasty but crunchy. Practice makes perfect and I must remember my oven is crazily hot. Burnt sweet complete I moved on to the boiling my first ham/gammon this turned out better. Served with the first of many spring salads, lunch was received well. Em is not afraid to embrace the experimental side of home baking! Just ask her about her unique recipe for banana cake!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

stories and adventures

Meet my new old friend. Found via smoke and ochre who I discovered via Lantliv i stan.
He is one of Whendi's bears (although he is a Little Valentine Ellyfont). I love the way these little (some big) guys look as though they have already lived long lives full of stories and adventures as a child's well loved companion. Meet them all at Whendi's blog or Whendi's flickr.

I still have my favorite toy from when I was a kid, a battered old mouse with big friendly eyes,that my Granny gave me. I held his hand everywhere until one miserable day when I came home to find my mums new puppy had got lonely and chewed all the eyes off my toys.
Mousy was not spared, Granny tried to fix him but the damage was so that a new type of eye had to be used, much to my dismay they were the kind that when you shake them they rattled and moved. : (
He looked different, a little crazed, I still have him in a box somewhere. The dog was in my bad books from that day on.

Image from Whendi's flickr

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Midnight feast

Just incase there are any other late night sugar addicts out there I had to quickly post about the new *Petit Patisserie* collection from Kup Kup. The cutest little sweet treats that won't add an inch to your hips! Too cute!

All images from Kup Kup

Carry on camping

The new house and home range from Toast is out now and as usual I'm in love with it all! I have always loathed camping but they make it look so beautiful I just want to pack up my portable stove and head out to a field. Just in case I get cold feet on the outside living idea, with all these products I could make a great camp in my bedroom just like when I was a kid! There is a fabulous basketry and bags section too, I think someone better put my visa in a locked box. (again)

All images from Toast

Four things

Todays post is the result of a tagging from Mirka over at Oprikka. Hello Mirka!


Cleaning chalets at a holiday camp - very young earning extra cash for college.

Hand making cards by the hundred for a local company - I lived breathed and dreamed cards and sequins and rhinestones at this time.

Barmaid at a local bar - this was a real laugh though as all my girlfriends worked there too and we ruled the roost!

Lighting retail - learnt loads about interior decor and made some great friends.


Top hat Fred and Ginger at their best.

The Godfather trilogy Scary, sad and bloody but fantastic.

Cinéma Paradiso Moving memories.

Desperately seeking Susan If only I could store all my belongings in just one suit case.


Silves My first time on a plane was a holiday to Portugal.

Salisbury Love that cathedral.

Paris Tres bon.

St Augustine Just beautiful, and the oldest port in the continental united states


I am pretty content and have lived in the same town all my life. I love to travel but like to come home again, if the occasion arose I would like to experience of living somewhere else.


CSI I have a secret (no more!) crush on Gil Grissom!

Jamie at home Tasty cooking.

Location, location, location Always on the lookout for a new home!

Sex and the city I'm sure you know why!! Hurry up with that movie already.


- Radio 1 in the mornings


Cheese - All kinds but blue.

chocolate - My only vice!

Citrus fruits - I love the scent they leave on your hands after peeling.

Marshmallow - pretty and yummy.

4 placed I´d rather be:

Soho - New York on my honeymoon.

Day at the seaside in Whitstable Such a lovely town.

Visiting the Multiple Choice: From Sample to Product Exhibition Thought I would miss this but as I'm off to NYC in a few weeks I am going to catch it horray!

Digging through the archives of sold lotsOn this fabulous site.

Play along too, if you are in a revealing mood!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Turning a cabbage into a rose

Friday morning and I'm falling in love with Cabbages and Roses all over again. After seeing their stand at a trade show a few weeks ago I can't get the faded beauty of the fabrics out of my head. I want to whitewash all my walls and hang the gauzy cottons at my windows. I must be suffering from spring fever! The Cabbages and Roses online boutique sells all these beautiful fabrics by the meter and a collection of homeware too. I think this antique rose on a duck egg blue background would make fabulous cushions, might compliment my charcoal sofa rather well. Poor Dean, whenever he arrives home from a trip he never knows what he will find changed! I will have to make a trip to their store the next time I'm shopping in the big smoke. I dream of decorating all day long. Trying to point my life in the right direction this year. Is this what I want to do with all my time? I'm having an epiphany being thirty an'all, its not a new wish for me but the feeling is so strong now its all I can think about. I would love to buy a five bedroom house and decorate every room from scratch so if anyone has a five bedder they can spare I'm ready to redesign it! Living in a small town and a recession in full swing is dampening my spirits a little. And where does one start?! So if you find a thirty year old woman cowering and looking bemused behind a bolt of Raspberry Natural Hatley it's probably me!
PS they also have a clothing line : )

All images from Cabbages and Roses

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Box of tricks

When I first found blogs and before I had my own laptop I would always beg a few minutes use of the other half's computer and my first stop would be Pam Garrisons to see what beautiful new things she had been creating. Still checking in to see what Pam is up to each week. If you go over to visit now you can see what lovely jewelry she has been making from the contents of this treasure box (above) at Art nest. I would so love to go on one of these art retreats, it looks like such fun to meet all these different creative people to share ideas with. There is a great Art Nest flickr pool too so you can view all the attendants work and I found another great blog from one of the organisers too Blue girlxo. Happy nesting!

Image from Pam Garrison

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Victorian Maiden

Found the perfect inspiration base for a bridal headpiece at Victorian Maiden. Made from soft velvet flowers and leaves, I think I would have to add a bit more sparkle and some kind of net, but I definitely like the way it is placed in this simple hairstyle. Whilst browsing the Victorian Maiden site I found all these gorgeous clothes that would make a great wedding, if you wanted to go with a nostalgic theme. I love the soft antique cream color of this dress and coat. Wowed by the pretty layers of this underskirt, actually I quite like the petticoat as a skirt in its own right. But I am a sucker for frills. and of course where would the traditional wedding party be without some over the top bridesmaids? How fabulous are these dresses!? If you got happily caught up in this whirlwind of ruffles and chintz head on over to Victorian Maiden and see what other great outfits they have.

All images from Victorian Maiden

Monday, 3 March 2008

Pleased to meet you Harris.

Saturday Neil & Em popped in to work and I at last met Harris. He is just as expected an utter delight. In the evening my friends and I had a surprise baby shower for our friend Becky, it was so nice to see how happy and genuinely surprised she was, as she thought we were just meeting up for dinner.
Sunday was bacon and eggs and a nice long walk through the park, where I found the high winds over the weekend had broken the bough of this beautiful blossom tree. I rescued some twigs so they could bloom a little longer, these delicate flowers and the delicious salad prepared by D for supper made my weekend.