Monday, 11 February 2008

You all make my day

Very behind on this one I’m so flattered that Mirka at Oprikka has given me a “you’ve made my day” award which is so sweet and such a compliment. Thank you.

Now I’m supposed to pass along the award to five blogs that have made my day, I am sometimes a bit shy, but I'll just bite the bullet and do it quick leaving me no time to get nervous! Too late! It feels like picking teams at school, and I wasn't much for sports so guess who got left till the last few, better than five see my new you make my day link list right.

Thank you all for making my day!


Mirka said...

Oh, I wasn´t for sports either. At the primary school we used to have cross country skiing competitions once a winter, and it was compulsory for everyone to participate. I hated that, therefore I made sure I was the last one coming to the finish, I did not want to take the whole thing seriously at all. I know what you mean!

Jane Flanagan said...

Here here. Lovely as it is to get the nod, I'm loathe to turn blogging into a contest.

That said, I've just discovered your blog and am reading back through your posts and it's making my day :)