Friday, 8 February 2008

A simple gift.

Whilst I relished a break at work today taking the time to peel and eat an orange that a friend gave me at lunch yesterday. A simple but somehow very special and much appreciated gift. I got thinking about how lucky I am for such a little gesture to make my day. I feel quite blessed that I can amuse my senses and find fulfillment in such unsophisticated things.

Sight-all the different blossom trees bursting into flower in spring.
I'm lucky to live near a huge park and there are pink and white Magnolia's, Cherry, Hawthorn and chestnut trees to name a few.

Sound-the mixture of chattering garden birds outside my open window as dawn breaks. Before the seagulls get too rowdy and the traffic level rises.

Smell-my fingertips after I have peeled citrus fruits.
Especially limes or oranges.

Feel-of Dean's light kisses on my cheek as he leaves for work at five in the morning while I'm half asleep. I may grumble that he's waking me too early but I surely miss them when he is away.

Taste-sparkling spring water quenching my thirst after a few hours forgetting to drink. I just don't always remember until I'm gasping for liquid and the tiny bubbles in a glass of San Pellegrino really do the trick.

If you are as mad as me for blossom read this.

How do you entertain your five senses? Have a great weekend enjoying life's simple pleasures.


Mirka said...

Your text was a very sensory experience! : ) I love blossoms too, and especially magnolias, of which I could enjoy in Holland. But here in Finland we don´t have them almost at all, the climate is mostly too cold. They may thrive in the very south of finland and if the place is well sheltered. Hope to find such a spot in our garden some day...

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you, must remember to keep my camera about my person and snap some pictures when the blossom bursts into life around here : )