Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Show stopping

Just thought as I cosy up at home and wait for CSI with surprisingly good company in the form of a bar of extra fine dark Lindt, I would mention these two little beauties. A tiny prince and princess and probably my favorite two faces in the blogging world seemingly stealing the show most weeks on their owners blog posts and flickr pages. Gus and morran. Their owners are pretty fabulous too! Lena Corwin and Camilla Engman

Also loving this recent glimpse in Lena's super cool home on Apartment Therapy

Maybe if I can control my allergies and when we have an outside space one day, we can have a doggy all our own.

All images from Lena Corwin and Camilla Engman.

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Uncle Beefy said...

Hey behind in my blog browsing :( Nice to be back here. Gus is adorable and, of course, Morran...well, I'd squeeze her to bits! :)