Friday, 1 February 2008

Pancakes for one.

Okay enough already with the white, the new Laura Ashley catalogue fell out of an interiors magazine into my lap today and my fickle mind says yes to a hasty about turn in the complete opposite direction, I love this new wolcott charcoal wallpaper. I'm just crazy for the colour combination in the room above.
Any way the man in my life is off to Australia as of 3 o'clock tomorrow, which is rubbish as I'm turning 30 on sunday (maybe he won't notice and when he gets back in THREE WEEKS I will still look 29!) But he might notice if our lounge is decked out in yellow, charcoal and white. Then again that may just be the price he pays for missing a mile stone birthday, valentines day and shrove tuesday in one fell swoop.

Image from Laura


Uncle Beefy said...

Awww...that kinda sux that the man isn't there for your 30th birthday :( He better come back with something REALLY good for you :)

I think it's funny that just before this post you have one with all white photos. I like the white look but usually just limited to accessories. I grew up with white walls and have something of an aversion on a personal level. This dark room is pretty great with that pop of mustard/gold. Mmmm.

Cathy said...

Happy 30th birthday for tomorrow! Sorry you are not spending it with your man. Make him feel bad then he might treat you to the new look! It is really lovely - very bold and a real statement.
Cathy XX

Mirka said...

Happy birthday to you, Jess!!!
I wish you a pleasant day and all the best, I know it´s a big disappointment your man is not there. But nevertheless, I hope you can enjoy this day. : ) I had my birthday in January, and Harri was also on the other side of the world + I was being ill, but luckily my mother was here with me. That was comforting.

I just love the new Laura Ashley photo. Bold colours, strong contrasts, looks great!

Rachel said...

i just found your blog through design for mankind & i love it!!! i am decorating my apartment & very inspired right now...

happy birthday! mine is on tuesday; i'm turning 21. :)