Friday, 8 February 2008


Thursday was good. Lunch with a friend, when I got home from work my copy of World of Interiors was waiting for me, a burst of energy used at a kickboxing class (trying to get nice toned arms for that sleeveless wedding dress) Dinner with another friend, then back home to read my copy of WOI where I found some very sweet things. Only have time for a couple this morning as YES I'm running late! But they are a great two to start this friday morning.

1 For a bit of fun At this cute site you can pay a one off fee of $30 and download and print out all these animals and more. Some printing, cutting, folding, gluing then hey presto! You have your amazing paper animal collection! Check out the Stoat and the Chihuahua too. There is also a brother site Peramodel with even more paper building madness.

2 The stunning new Kenzo collection at These beautiful bright patterns and pretty embellishments are really getting me the mood for a spring home makeover. The way the stylist has mixed the different patterns and textures together in the photos for the e-boutique is pure glory!

Product images from Raspera and kenzo collection @ Lelievre

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Mirka said...

It seems you´ve had a busy day. Yesterday I was also on the go from early morning till late in the evening, it´s nice once in a while, but not too often.
Lovely pictures and yes, I also get a very spring-like feeling when looking at those Kenzo collection products.
Those little noses in your previous post are too cute!!! : )
Have a good weekend!