Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Eggs and bacon

Sitting here eating a bacon sandwich waiting for a parcel to be delivered, envisioning a peaceful evening sewing. Not likely.
Last night I visited some friends who are expecting their first baby, E is not loving being pregnant now with only two weeks to go, the way she tells it she never has, she has confirmed my fears that it is not a glowing beautiful time, saying she feels like a giant wretched egg! I think she looks beautiful. I have to say all my friends that have had babies say pretty much the same. My mothers generation however seemed to embrace it more. These modern day girls aye! Can't say I wouldn't moan. It doesn't seem like much fun. Alright for me though as I just get the joy of the little one with no pain. So anyhow I had a lovely evening thanks guys and good luck.
No peace tonight either being dragged out of my warm home to a cold sports hall to play badminton with a different gang, sure I'll love it once I get there I need people to organize me or I'll just spend a peaceful evening sewing.


hrsj said...

I think you're right, my mom has never mentioned that she was uncomfortable, just that she "loved" being pregnant. hmmm. I never have been and don't know what I would think about it.
I hope your friend has a good last two weeks!

Uncle Beefy said...

Okay,, a bacon sandwich sounds TOO fantastic right now. Mmmmm:)

I have so many friends around me who are having babies the most recent with identical twin boys. Yes, many of the women I know heir their grievances about pregnancy...but I have yet to hear mention of anything but the joy of the final outcome :)

Happy Valentine's the way.

Francesca said...

hmmm...i think our mums might just say it was all lovely because a) they don't remember (my mum especially doesn't remember anything!) and b) they don't want us to feel bad.
those last two weeks when you can't turn over in bed without hauling your tummy over with all your might...suck! however, i 'glowed' through most of the rest of it!