Friday, 29 February 2008

A bride and groom

So this wedding of ours is going to be a small affair, very small in fact, possibly a bride a groom and two witnesses type of thing. As I started writing THE list it all seemed to get a bit-if we invite this person you have to ask that person and so on and so forth. Then it ended up being stressful and not much fun. If you carry on like this in the end its not really how you would have chosen to spend your day but more a case of keeping everyone else happy.
I have always thought elopement was quite a romantic notion and I baulk at the idea of even as few as twenty people staring at the back of my head expectantly waiting for me to speak. So the fine details such as a date still need to be confirmed, work and other things keep getting in the way lately, everyone else seems to be concerned I wont get the day I want but I'm not a bride-zilla demanding a certain date, season or venue I guess we'll just see what dates are available, we are pretty relaxed about it, after eight years another few months shouldn't make a difference? So the images here are some amazing food for thought from the site of the exceptionally talented Rebecca Thuss. The weddings-parties section is packed full of such pretty ideas the possibilities are endless.
We like the idea of sending our family and close friends a handmade gift or favor that will arrive on the morning of the day we intend to get married. The family have been told of our intentions the friends haven't but that will be a sweet surprise in their mailboxes some day soon. I would like to create something that looks like an old family heirloom or a smaller version of that little box of memories Audrey tautou discovers as Amelie.


Claudia said...

I'm sure that your wedding will be very sweet (you have very good taste). Some people might be really uspset if they are not invited to your big day! I got married last summer (after 10 years) and we wanted a tiny wedding but people had expectations (no question...we are going to their wedding) and I felt bad knowing that our wedding could make some people upset! Anyway, we had 40 people and it was fine. And I must admit that it was nice to see all of those smiles during the ceremony! Have a good weekend :)

Mirka said...

The idea of sending a handmade gift sounds very good. Oh, and the elopement - so romantically Jane Austen. : ) We had a series of Jane Austen films on tv just recently, the last was sent out two weeks ago. And of course there was an elopement involved, too.
I think you are right about the wedding, you should do it without feeling obligated to do this and that . Happy weekend! Mirka

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you both for your kind words. I think weddings pose such a whirlwind of mayhem for the mind if they are not harnessed and taken in hand!

P O S I E S said...

I love your philosphy!

Valisa said...

we sort of eloped - we had 2 different ceremonies in 2 different countries - we had 2 witnesses in the civil wedding and we took them to a champagne brunch at our favourite restaurant who did a special breakfast table for us and it was a very special day - we are now married for 10 years with 2 kids! We went our for 3 different dinners with the 3 sets of parents (husband's parents are divorced so it is easier this way) and all dinners were stressfree. We sent friends a little card and a small gift to tell them of our nuptials.
I hope you have a lovely wedding and a beautiful marriage and be stay in love forever! the best way to get married is always on your own terms!

wendy said...

eloped at city 60 seconds ever! it was so much fun and very stress free. had some we got married parties afterwards.
love your gift idea.