Friday, 22 February 2008


Having been together nearly eight years we no longer have the need for a dinner service or crystal glassware, so combining my dream wedding gift of one of these delightful Fairies from The magpie and wardrobe and some of my favorite photos by Sandra Lane I have created something we do need, a colour palette for our special little day.
You'll find the breathtaking work of Sandra Lane over at Sarah Kaye Representation. Sandra's photo's with such exquisite content and delicate colours I could look at all day. I want to live in these scenes and feast on these baked goods forever, even though a diet of this much cake could leave me a trifle round! I think I first spotted these now highly coveted fairies many years ago as a how to in one of my mums old issues of country living. Over the years I have learnt more about owner Sam McKechnie within the interiors pages of various glossy magazines. She has a beautiful home and a lovely shop called The magpie and wardrobe The small London based company specializes in making beautiful things from antique and vintage treasures sourced in England and France. "The tiny flutterby fairies are made from antique French linen filled with lavender & rose petals - softly scented. Each fairy is hand-painted, is dressed in antique ball gown and adorned with antique and vintage flowers." So a mix of pale rose, antique gold, vintage china and old lace seems to be much present in all these images I think we have a good base for our theme. May have to tone it down a teeny bit as there is the small matter of the boy (home tomorrow horray) involved in all this and its our day not just mine : )

All images fromThe magpie and wardrobe and Sandra Lane at Sarah Kaye Representation


Mirka said...

What else can I say but ohhh and ahhh... Those fairies are really special. And the jewelry. And the photos...
I think in England and France there are so much more antique and vintage materials available. Antique lace, for example, is quite hard to find in Finland, I´m afraid.
By the way, may I ask when is your wedding day? I´m sure it´s going to be absolutely lovely!
And so fine your hubby-to-be is coming back home! : )

the crafty currant said...

I've just discovered your blog, I was recommended it by Lynne from Tea for Joy, and I love it!! My heart aches for those tea cup wine glasses!!!