Friday, 29 February 2008


Arrived home to find my new Plumo catalogue waiting on the doormat. So many pretty things in here, all their clothes have that little extra detail be it stitching or cut, these clothes aren't cheap but they are good quality pieces to add to your wardrobe, mixing the dresses with cheeper knitwear or inexpensive shoes, like these canvas pumps from can make an outfit a little more economical! But if its not clothing or lovely jewellery you are after step right up and start poking around the living section where you will find the delicate glass jars (above) perfect for serving jam or butter and these gorgeous bird canvases.
Better get back to reality and the apple pie that needs cooking, hope you find something you like over at Plumo

A bride and groom

So this wedding of ours is going to be a small affair, very small in fact, possibly a bride a groom and two witnesses type of thing. As I started writing THE list it all seemed to get a bit-if we invite this person you have to ask that person and so on and so forth. Then it ended up being stressful and not much fun. If you carry on like this in the end its not really how you would have chosen to spend your day but more a case of keeping everyone else happy.
I have always thought elopement was quite a romantic notion and I baulk at the idea of even as few as twenty people staring at the back of my head expectantly waiting for me to speak. So the fine details such as a date still need to be confirmed, work and other things keep getting in the way lately, everyone else seems to be concerned I wont get the day I want but I'm not a bride-zilla demanding a certain date, season or venue I guess we'll just see what dates are available, we are pretty relaxed about it, after eight years another few months shouldn't make a difference? So the images here are some amazing food for thought from the site of the exceptionally talented Rebecca Thuss. The weddings-parties section is packed full of such pretty ideas the possibilities are endless.
We like the idea of sending our family and close friends a handmade gift or favor that will arrive on the morning of the day we intend to get married. The family have been told of our intentions the friends haven't but that will be a sweet surprise in their mailboxes some day soon. I would like to create something that looks like an old family heirloom or a smaller version of that little box of memories Audrey tautou discovers as Amelie.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Chiffon joy

I bookmarked this lovely photo and post found over at creature comforts a while ago and thought it was so sweet, and accompanied by such a lovely picture. Just love the blue of the cup.
The small treasures in my home are this new spatula a friend gave me for my birthday and my bedroom lamp with silk chiffon shade. I love the cheerful yellow colour it always makes me smile as I pass by it.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


House, Sag Harbor, 1993

A derelict, turn-of-the-century house was originally laid out as a two-family dwelling. The complete restoration involved simplifying the sequence of rooms and creating a visual connection to the garden. An effort was also made to render the renovation invisible by reusing hardware and bathroom fixtures. Federal-style moldings and details were retained and integrated with the owner’s heritage of Scandinavian furniture and objects.

photos by Christoph Kicherer

Words and images above from fernlund+logan architects

Catching up with everything over at {frolic!} again today, Chelsea always has such a treasure trove of information on so many things, my favorite today is learning about the designers responsible this amazing house. So I thought I'd pop over to site of origin and take a peek around. Wow! Loads of amazing projects going on here at fernlund+logan architects

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sweet sunday

Sunny sunday spent drinking coffee and reading papers in the Oldtown with my sweetheart. With a slow stroll home passing estate agents row, browsing alternative home options. I like this sunday ritual of ours I know its only a matter of time before we see the 'one' and make another terrifying leap for a higher rung on the property ladder. Later a quiet evening at home spent devouring this pretty little cake my sister (thank you x) gave me for my birthday. Inside it was filled with more chocolate, glacier fruits and nuts, absolutely delicious! I implore you to get one for yourself or a lucky someone from Choccywoccydoodah. If I was having a wedding cake I would be sure to get it from here, magnificent works of art created from chocolate. A very quiet evening indeed, I think the jet lag has got the better of the boy and he has disappeared. Sleeping like a baby. He doesn't take kindly to me referring to him as 'boy' but until he becomes the husband, being younger than me he's stuck with it.
Hope your sunday was as sweet as mine.

Friday, 22 February 2008

pieces of eight

A recycled dinner and the swashbuckling third and final part of the pirates of the caribbean trilogy for my sister and me. I would love to be a pirate for a little while!

How I spent the rest of my evening.


a very special gift

thank you



bird lady

city of love



Having been together nearly eight years we no longer have the need for a dinner service or crystal glassware, so combining my dream wedding gift of one of these delightful Fairies from The magpie and wardrobe and some of my favorite photos by Sandra Lane I have created something we do need, a colour palette for our special little day.
You'll find the breathtaking work of Sandra Lane over at Sarah Kaye Representation. Sandra's photo's with such exquisite content and delicate colours I could look at all day. I want to live in these scenes and feast on these baked goods forever, even though a diet of this much cake could leave me a trifle round! I think I first spotted these now highly coveted fairies many years ago as a how to in one of my mums old issues of country living. Over the years I have learnt more about owner Sam McKechnie within the interiors pages of various glossy magazines. She has a beautiful home and a lovely shop called The magpie and wardrobe The small London based company specializes in making beautiful things from antique and vintage treasures sourced in England and France. "The tiny flutterby fairies are made from antique French linen filled with lavender & rose petals - softly scented. Each fairy is hand-painted, is dressed in antique ball gown and adorned with antique and vintage flowers." So a mix of pale rose, antique gold, vintage china and old lace seems to be much present in all these images I think we have a good base for our theme. May have to tone it down a teeny bit as there is the small matter of the boy (home tomorrow horray) involved in all this and its our day not just mine : )

All images fromThe magpie and wardrobe and Sandra Lane at Sarah Kaye Representation

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Pounds and ounces

Woke this morning to good news and a very moving picture message.
Two of my oldest friends have just this morning welcomed their new baby son to our world. Born at 5.25am today weighing 7lbs 10 ounces. All that discomfort and aching limbs a small price to pay for such a perfect little being. I eagerly await news of a name and my chance to meet him once they are all settled back home.

Congratulations N & E he's perfect x x x

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Summer blooms

Its still chilly here, but with all this winter sunshine I'm looking forward to spring and I would just love to spend my days in the sun wearing this pretty dress from Joules clothing.
Maybe pairing it with this Chanel-esque cardigan will keep the chill off. And to finish off my perfect spring outfit these beautiful roses from my one and only, thank you D : )

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mara Caffarone

Up with the glorious sun this morning and browsing
Flickr again, going to be good today and get a move on so I am not late for work again! I do loathe working on saturdays, but I do get a lovely stroll in that sushine so its not all bad, now back to my early morning discovery these great works by UNKNOWN ♥ aka Mara Caffarone. A beautiful mixture of collage, paint and delicate line work. See more by Mara at the links above.

All images from UNKNOWN ♥

Friday, 15 February 2008

flowers and berries

Two more beautiful things I've seen today. These images are 1. freshflowers from Danske and 2. Juniper berries from Opri.

See the two fabulous blogs that accompany these pictures My polaroid blog and Oprikka

Enjoy your weekend.

Good Laduree!

Been catching up with all thats going on in the world of Kayte Terry over at Love forever, A beautiful treat packed trip to London, macaroons by the dozen, two great artists in this post and I discovered this brilliant wallpaper pattern generator on the V&A website that lets you create your own designs. I'm just a sucker for anything like this it's such fun!
Thanks for the tip off Love forever I have had great fun making these.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy valentines day

person xxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Eggs and bacon

Sitting here eating a bacon sandwich waiting for a parcel to be delivered, envisioning a peaceful evening sewing. Not likely.
Last night I visited some friends who are expecting their first baby, E is not loving being pregnant now with only two weeks to go, the way she tells it she never has, she has confirmed my fears that it is not a glowing beautiful time, saying she feels like a giant wretched egg! I think she looks beautiful. I have to say all my friends that have had babies say pretty much the same. My mothers generation however seemed to embrace it more. These modern day girls aye! Can't say I wouldn't moan. It doesn't seem like much fun. Alright for me though as I just get the joy of the little one with no pain. So anyhow I had a lovely evening thanks guys and good luck.
No peace tonight either being dragged out of my warm home to a cold sports hall to play badminton with a different gang, sure I'll love it once I get there I need people to organize me or I'll just spend a peaceful evening sewing.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Timeless capsule

Late at night, just got in from a friends house and checking my messages, my favorite email of the season has arrived from Toast! Never too late in the day to embark on a spot of virtual shopping, (Dean if you are reading get your wallet ready!!) So here's my dream capsule wardrobe from their new spring 2008 collection. I really love their clothes as they are classic designs that don't pigeon hole you into a specific time or era.
Well thats my thousand spent, and I didn't even make it to the House and Home section yet. Guess I'll wait till they have a promotional discount. Anyhow better clean off the day old mascara which is hurting my sleepy eyes.

Images from Toast.

You all make my day

Very behind on this one I’m so flattered that Mirka at Oprikka has given me a “you’ve made my day” award which is so sweet and such a compliment. Thank you.

Now I’m supposed to pass along the award to five blogs that have made my day, I am sometimes a bit shy, but I'll just bite the bullet and do it quick leaving me no time to get nervous! Too late! It feels like picking teams at school, and I wasn't much for sports so guess who got left till the last few, better than five see my new you make my day link list right.

Thank you all for making my day!

Friday, 8 February 2008

A simple gift.

Whilst I relished a break at work today taking the time to peel and eat an orange that a friend gave me at lunch yesterday. A simple but somehow very special and much appreciated gift. I got thinking about how lucky I am for such a little gesture to make my day. I feel quite blessed that I can amuse my senses and find fulfillment in such unsophisticated things.

Sight-all the different blossom trees bursting into flower in spring.
I'm lucky to live near a huge park and there are pink and white Magnolia's, Cherry, Hawthorn and chestnut trees to name a few.

Sound-the mixture of chattering garden birds outside my open window as dawn breaks. Before the seagulls get too rowdy and the traffic level rises.

Smell-my fingertips after I have peeled citrus fruits.
Especially limes or oranges.

Feel-of Dean's light kisses on my cheek as he leaves for work at five in the morning while I'm half asleep. I may grumble that he's waking me too early but I surely miss them when he is away.

Taste-sparkling spring water quenching my thirst after a few hours forgetting to drink. I just don't always remember until I'm gasping for liquid and the tiny bubbles in a glass of San Pellegrino really do the trick.

If you are as mad as me for blossom read this.

How do you entertain your five senses? Have a great weekend enjoying life's simple pleasures.


Thursday was good. Lunch with a friend, when I got home from work my copy of World of Interiors was waiting for me, a burst of energy used at a kickboxing class (trying to get nice toned arms for that sleeveless wedding dress) Dinner with another friend, then back home to read my copy of WOI where I found some very sweet things. Only have time for a couple this morning as YES I'm running late! But they are a great two to start this friday morning.

1 For a bit of fun At this cute site you can pay a one off fee of $30 and download and print out all these animals and more. Some printing, cutting, folding, gluing then hey presto! You have your amazing paper animal collection! Check out the Stoat and the Chihuahua too. There is also a brother site Peramodel with even more paper building madness.

2 The stunning new Kenzo collection at These beautiful bright patterns and pretty embellishments are really getting me the mood for a spring home makeover. The way the stylist has mixed the different patterns and textures together in the photos for the e-boutique is pure glory!

Product images from Raspera and kenzo collection @ Lelievre

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Show stopping

Just thought as I cosy up at home and wait for CSI with surprisingly good company in the form of a bar of extra fine dark Lindt, I would mention these two little beauties. A tiny prince and princess and probably my favorite two faces in the blogging world seemingly stealing the show most weeks on their owners blog posts and flickr pages. Gus and morran. Their owners are pretty fabulous too! Lena Corwin and Camilla Engman

Also loving this recent glimpse in Lena's super cool home on Apartment Therapy

Maybe if I can control my allergies and when we have an outside space one day, we can have a doggy all our own.

All images from Lena Corwin and Camilla Engman.

My folk lover

A new look for Catherine Campbell's website. I just adore her work, my very first purchase from etsy was one of Cathereine's Little paper cuts print sets. They proudly hang in my living room, often complimented by visitors. The trouble is I want them all! Her Etsy store My folk lover is like a candy shop, full of exquisite ink and water colour confections, and the blog tracks all her new work and experimentations. If you haven't already heard of Catherine Campbell what a treat you have waiting beyond these links, if you have, take a look at the newly listed items in her shop I challenge you to leave empty handed.

All images from Catherine Campbell

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Louise body

Patiently waiting for my pack of samples from Louise Body. I believe she lives locally to me (our old town is bustling with artists and designers) and a few of the shops have used her designs on accent walls in their displays. Louise's printed and hand finished wallpapers and cushions elegantly combine hand screen printing with digital image making. The outcome is beautiful papers that evoke nostalgic memories.
My favorite papers below are Harry's garden left and Erotica right. I would love to use one of these papers somewhere in my home, the tiny folk on the Erotica wallpaper look like they are having a ball!

Monday, 4 February 2008


I been excavating my magazine scraps and amongst the articles in my hoarding I found this one that I've been keeping safe for a few years now. It is from an old issue of The World of Interiors and it deliciously describes the workings and makings of one of the few bespoke flower and feather trimming producers left in Paris. Bruno Legeron's 'Legeron, fleurs et plumes' I hope if you enlarge the photos with a click you may be able to read this charming piece, if not : ( I hope the pictures will be a treat in themselves. I would love to work for a company like this using traditional techniques, surrounded by beautiful supplies.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Pancakes for one.

Okay enough already with the white, the new Laura Ashley catalogue fell out of an interiors magazine into my lap today and my fickle mind says yes to a hasty about turn in the complete opposite direction, I love this new wolcott charcoal wallpaper. I'm just crazy for the colour combination in the room above.
Any way the man in my life is off to Australia as of 3 o'clock tomorrow, which is rubbish as I'm turning 30 on sunday (maybe he won't notice and when he gets back in THREE WEEKS I will still look 29!) But he might notice if our lounge is decked out in yellow, charcoal and white. Then again that may just be the price he pays for missing a mile stone birthday, valentines day and shrove tuesday in one fell swoop.

Image from Laura

Christopher Baker

Beautiful photography by Christopher Baker. found on a site called Art Department I want to live here! With a portfolio brimming with pictures for Martha stewart Living, American Vogue, Vogue living and advertising campaigns for the likes of Jo Malone, Bath and body works, Coty and Bloomingdales to name but a few. This is a great way to spend a friday morning ( if you didn't have to leave for work in 15 minutes!)

Photographer links
All departments

All images from christopher Baker at Art Department