Monday, 21 January 2008


The red shawl and The dancer, inspiring paintings (I love the rich red and gold in these two portraits) by George Lambert. Australian naturalist painter & sculptor born 1873 - died 1930. I found these after reading the inspiration list over at casey's-elegant musings

More great images today via the great list of photographers paul works with over at sweet pauls. This time keeping with my theme today of red and gold, it's Gemma Comas I have picked to scout through. Loads of beautiful still life, interior and of course food photography here.
Straying from my theme for a second (easily done for a magpie like me!) I was drawn to this pair of photos using budding twigs, they gave me a warm spring feeling on this, again, grey cloudy day. England is rubbish sometimes. I just want to see a glimpse of the sky! But these images reminded me of what will soon be. Look at those beautiful Magnolia buds? just about to burst into life. Happy monday to all : )

Images from Gemma Comas and Art renewal.

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