Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Princess diaries

Glad to see the old mood board is still coming in handy! My thanks to the lovely sharon over at the Astro blog (creativity for kids and inspiration for parents) who has used it to illustrate her newest post about decorating nurseries for little ones.
Now sleeping spaces for bigger people. ie me! We have been in denial of the pile of rubble we call a mattress for a very long time. Way too long, especially for me ( I have a bit of a princess and the pea complex-de gritting the bed at night to ensure every grain of dust is gone!)
So this christmas I finally snapped and dragged him to the bed shop. Tried, tested, ordered and yay, today (delivered by two gold encrusted men that could give mr T a run for his money) I have a chunk of comfort lodged in my stairwell waiting for the boy to help me drag it up the stairs. Heres to a good nights sleep on the luxury senator!

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