Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Paper quilts and costumes

I took on a bit more than I could manage over christmas. Note to self-do not join swaps, clubs or any other projects in November or December! But I've finally finished my quilt for The paper quilt project. Using only the papers that the organizer Dawbis sent to me. Now if only I had the return address! I think I'm quite pleased with it but I find it hard to really love something I've made myself. Too self critical.

The Paper Quilt Project was a year long project that allowed artists from 32 different countries to come together and share their lives, their culture and their art with one another.

Each month 12 new artists create a collage interpreting the project's theme, "A Day in my Life," and give a glimpse into their world. Every collage from each month will soon be sewn together to create 12 amazing individual paper quilts, later each paper quilt will be auctioned off or donated to charity in order to raise money.

I have also found a new blog. One post and I'm already hooked! Mirka lives in the South-West of Finland in an old school building, Which she and her husband are slowly renovating. This first post is full of amazing discoveries, one being a small storage cupboard full of things that had been made years ago by teachers and pupils for school plays.
Costumes for little gingerbread boys & girls, a princess crown, a knights harness of cardboard, a mushroom costume made of paper and antique biology books containing images like the one below. Can you imagine finding these things? how wonderful. I can't wait to see what else Mirka has in store for us.

Above Image from Oprikka, Mirka's blog.


Uncle Beefy said...

Oh yes, taking on too much. I feel your plight! As well as the self-critical part...the life of a creative I'm afraid.

That Finnish blog looks quite promising...thanks for sharing!


Mirka said...

Hello and thanks so much for introducing my blog! And that paper quilt project you told about sounds really interesting, I have to take a closer look to that. The self -criticism sounds very familiar, by the way. ; )