Friday, 25 January 2008


While I'm still in the mood for revealing, I thought I'd just divulge how I came to be here quite by accident. It all started with the inevitable, a case of googling, this first time it was vintage ribbon. Whilst scanning the list that popped up, the words that caught my eye were-ribbon swap-this was featured on the red felt flower blog. A wealth of subtle but beautiful photos and little snippets of Sarah's life in Brisbane, Australia.

Clicking the links and searching all around led me to so many amazing places, on and on through a labyrinth of creative inspiration. There are not enough hours in the day to find all you can seek here in blog land and across the net. I love learning how to do new things and as I've already said I barely knew how to turn a laptop on a year ago. So I got my Apple and soon followed flickr and etsy then my blog. I didn't even really know what it was all about, let alone to think I could have these things for myself! You see, my friends dear to me as they are, don't make things, I'm the only one. So I make things for them. (they have other often more useful, skills!) But to discover this online network has been fantastic. Although maybe I sometimes neglect my old friends a little too often sorry guys, now I have found this alternative form of friendship with what they consider to be strangers. Strangers that have been a great and very welcoming discovery that share my passions I might add.


Janet said...

I'm glad you are here! I was tagged once and it left me feeling well.....naked! Sorry not again :)
I will admit I was a Sindy girl through and through.Range rover all the way! I still have a tiny box of Barbie earrings though!!!

j said...

I enjoy your blog here and your scrapbook over at record the day.

have you ever browsed lovely store

design for mankind. said...

Aww, I LOOOOVE this post!

Mirka said...

Oh, I agree totally with your expression of a labyrinth of creative inspiration + lack of time to explore it all. Know the feeling. And the same said about the friends, too.
: )Have a nice weekend!

hrsj said...

Yes, I am so glad you are here too! And I too appreciate the creative friendships that are forged through blogging, a networking of artists and thoughtful people of all disciplines. Your images are lovely.