Friday, 4 January 2008


A bit random I know but I just thought I'd share my absolute love for frills! I love the frothy, swishy sometimes raggedy layers they make. They are so feminine and add a delicate almost innocent finish to an outfit or if you're going down the moulin rouge route they can definitely give a flirty even raunchy feel! I especially like faded old moth eaten frills like the ones carrie is enveloped in below. This has to be one of my favorite sex and the city images.

I have some vintage cuffs somewhere. I must look this stuff out and use it in a project. I really want to experiment more with using layers and vintage fabrics. I still seem to be hoarding this stuff up and not wanting to take the scissors to it! I feel another resolution coming on-stop procrastinating and get on with it! I say these things all the time but this year I'm determined to make it happen.


Cathy said...

I love lace and layers, but I think it would look a bit daft in the school playground! Great photos though.
Cathy X

Uncle Beefy said...

Okay, I actually gasped a little when I saw the shot of Carrie in that dress. OMG... how amazing was that dress?!!!

I here you on the procrastination. So when you coming over to help? :)
Oh, I feel your pain.