Thursday, 24 January 2008

7 things

Bradford over at the Bedlam of Beefy has tagged me, so here goes!

I feel that this is the year I am going to change my life and steer it in the direction I should have been going in, but somehow wasn't. Reading all these inspiring blogs over the past year and meeting all these lovely people, all who run their own businesses and are doing things that really make them happy has helped. That combined with me turning 30 in nine days time, I think my mind has finally found some clarity. I think my precious Dean will have to help me a little as I've only been computer literate for a year!

From the age of 17-25 I collected Barbie dolls. Had a real habit, which cost me a lot. Loved her, all those different outfit options, hairstyles, shoes. A visit to FAO Schwarz the first time I went to New York, only made this worse. I think the problem may have stemmed from my mum insisting I played with Sindy as a child, this doll with an oversized head did not cut it. She drove a Range Rover, whilst Barbie had a Ferrari! So when I got my one and only Crystal Barbie I treasured her greatly. I have a photo somewhere of me aged about 6 clutching her as if my life depended on it. No way was I gonna let my baby sister get her sticky mitts on crystal. They are soon to be in someone else's collection via ebay. Blogging has really helped me express myself verbally and visually. I am sometimes painfully shy, hate compliments, and generally down talk my successes. But weirdly I am quite confident in myself? sounds odd but I guess I am quietly confident, I know what I like and know what suits me. For instance I will step out in a great dress, this pleases me until people pull me aside and say I look nice, then I go to pieces. Writing this makes me blush.

I am allergic to feathers, fur, pollen, dust, so no pets for me. Found this out after my mum forced me to wear a very fluffy angora sweater, my protestations fell on deaf ears until my eyes were so red and swollen she had to concede that I was in fact correct. They still made me live with two cats and a dog! But hey my home now is pet and fur free and I love that. Always a head strong independent girl even when I was little. As first born grand daughter I was Granny's favorite girl, the spoiling came up against some opposition from mum. Little notice was taken and when I look back I guess me and granny were as thick as thieves, but I was like seven and didn't take to the shadow that followed me around in the form of my younger sister. So one time I just phoned Granny and told her mum said I could go visit. She came and got me and off I went no cares for the family that was left wondering where I was!

Me and said shadow are now the best of friends and have been since she was 14 and I was 18.

It may seem mother is getting a bit of stick here but she was not really that mean! I love my entire family very much and feel so lucky that we all get on so well. So heres to the best family in the world Mum, Dad, Tamzin, Leah and Granny love you all x x x

Thanks bradford.


Mirka said...

Thanks for sharing this. It was actually a very touching story, it made me also think back of my childhood. And, by the way, I´d also like the Ferrari. ; )
Yes, I accept you tagging me, so you´ll read some secrets of me quite soon.

Francesca said...

a lovely tagging...very sweet. i can also be very shy, when i first started my blog i hardly said anything about myself but i am slowly revealing more and more.

Uncle Beefy said...

Nicely done, Jess! Definitely went for the ole heartstrings didn't you? Thanks for participating :) I loved reading your responses.

(Side note: I know all too well about the whole issue with receiving compliments. I was advised once to merely respond "Thank you. I appreciate hearing that." It acknowledges the other person's kind gesture and, let me tell you, gets you much more comfortable receiving the compliments the more you use it. It was very good advice for me.)

Lobster and swan said...

: )

Hanne said...

Hi Jeska - you tagged me - but I have to ask as I´m not familiar with the rules: I have to write 7 interesting things - can it be anything???

P O S I E S said...

I think we have almost the same birthday. I turn 30 on the 3rd of Feb:)