Saturday, 1 December 2007

Teeny tiny christmas bunting.

I did another craft fair today, I have to say I do not enjoy the selling side as much as I enjoy the creating and packaging side. I sold quite a few bits though so I am pleased and it was in a cosy hall too so no complaints from me, the pessimist winger! Also I had great company in my friend Barbara who bragged for me all day and fellow stall holders Alice and Naomi (safety in numbers!) There were some beautiful jewellery stalls and some very tasty home made biscuits doing the rounds! Inspired by the hole punch confetti used by Abigail Brown (who I wrote about earlier this week) I added some inside the boxes for the teeny pin board bunting I made, mixed with a little festive sparkle in the form of glitter of course! I have some of these left so yay for me I can keep one and hang it in my bedroom : )


donna said...

Oh! I LOVE this...will you be making any more?
d xx

Lobster and swan said...

Have a few left to put on etsy : )

Jenny said...

OOH I too love this idea-how cute!