Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rachel Ashwell interview on decor8

Frosty morning again and thanks to cathy over at pink green who reminded me I had them, I found my tiny christmas trees. I've nearly finished decorating the apartment for christmas, just need to make a few of these simple decorations in white paper to hang in the corners if the rooms and maybe over the kitchen table.
Also much to my joy and delight, I see over at decor8 Holly has an interview with Rachel Ashwell!! Horray its great to read and learn about what is ahead for Shabby Chic, as its been a while since Rachel's last book. It seems there is an online store in the pipe works too, so I can hopefully get some things for my home without crossing the Atlantic!

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Cathy said...

Thanks for the mini bunting which arrived today - it is so cute, and I will treasure it every year. Your trees look sweet - glad I reminded you!
Cathy XX