Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oak leaves for a blonde

Saw an advert for this beautiful Oak leaf chandelier in the back of World of Interiors magazine, it's from Charles Saunders Antiques it looks so much like real leaves and makes such a change from crystals as a feature. I have really fallen in love with it, but at a cool £8,850.00 I think I may have to take a metal work class and build my own or keep my fingers crossed fro a windfall. I'll just admire it from afar for now.

Next up the beauty list are these two dresses from the new collection by Australian fashion designer Fleur Wood I love that you could layer them up with cardigans or sweaters and thick tights. Quite liking the models hair style and colour too, getting bored of being a brunette may have to start the harrowing journey back to being blond. Bring on the hair stripper!

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