Monday, 17 December 2007

Night and Day

Spent the afternoon in Tunbridge Wells yesterday looking at engagement rings and searching for a new years eve outfit. No ring this time, still can't find THE one! Maybe I'm just too choosey? Having decided to get married together ages ago a ring wasn't top of our list but it's nearly 2008 and all sorts of stuff needs to be sorted out asap. Guess I'll know it when I see it : )
I did however, find a great little boutique selling Day Birger et Mikkelsen, in which I saw three dresses I loved. Just got to decide on one now!
Whilst over at theDay Birger et Mikkelsen site searching for inspiration I ventured into the interiors section and found these beautiful images. I love the basic black and white pallet mixed with the use of natural wood, vintage silver accessories, one accent colour and every so often a tiny bit of antique sparkle.
The new collection has a subtle ethnic feel about it without being "themed" This look would be easily achievable within any budget and could also be altered or updated easily in the future by just bringing in an alternative accent colour.

(all images from Day Birger et Mikkelsen)


Anonymous said...

I love Day Birger & Mikkelsen (also By Malene Birger, which gets confusing as although they're both Danish, I think, they're unrelated) and I live just over the road from that shop in Tunbridge Wells! Unfortunately my budget won't stretch to it these days, but one day I will be spending a lot of money in there...

Have you tried Brighton for your engagement ring? They used to have some more unusual stuff in the Lanes.

Adla said...

I'm one who loves the mix between ethnic and modern concepts. This says it well.

Congratulations on your engagement and hope you find the ring you'll love...:)

regards, Adla