Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hot chocolate

Well, lunch was good. Cold out, warm in, drank too much hot chocolate. Met up with a friend who's just recently launched her new company and website Stella Dore selling limited edition prints and original art. It's great. (of course!)
And once I'm out in the open and stray far from the safety of my home, I met up with other friends who kept me occupied for the rest of the afternoon. So no sewing. I am suffering from severe procrastination issues. Too much to do, can't prioritise, so I do nothing. If only I could make a living being a professional hot beverage drinker.
Oh well better luck today!

just one more thing


hrsj said...

oh i know i sometimes feel stuck when there's too much to do. but then i make myself start one thing, then do another thing. pretty soon i've worked through it.

& too much hot chocolate? c'est impossible! :)

Anonymous said...

A hot-beverage-drinking job - great idea! Actually, we saw some people in a Costa Coffee the other day making extensive notes and I think they were probably "mystery drinkers", going from branch to branch. Which must kind of take the fun out of it...

Lovely pictures, by the way, on both your blogs. I keep seeing stuff popping up in Record the Day that I've torn out of magazines myself!

j said...

that is a cute lamp. I always wanted to take the Eiffel tower home.