Saturday, 17 November 2007

Thank you

Thank you love, montmarte for my beautiful print which arrived earlier this week. Have been trying to post about it for a couple of days but blogger hates me : (

I have been reading Montmarte's Sketchbook for a while now and find it so inspiring. So when the writer announced that she had opened an etsy shop I popped over and snapped up my favorite of the two prints she had designed. It is three little raindrops gocco printed in black ink on strathmore paper. I think it has such a quiet and delicate beauty.

Another new source of inspiration is acejet170 a blog all about Type, print and everything. I share Richard"s (I hope that's right!) love of typography, vintage book jackets, packaging design and most of all maps! So continuing the theme I found a vintage 1970's underground map in a junk shop a while back, and having just unearthed it again (it gets like that round here!) Thought I'd share it. It features the underground lines in different black on white patterns instead of colours. Maybe I'll get it framed? Its such an iconic design.

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