Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Little iccle rabbit.

Morning! Seeing these in another great etsy post by Holly over at decor8 reminded me of the "tweeter's" (pictured below) made by Abigail Brown. Each matchbox tweeter is delivered to you hidden away in it's little nest consisting of a vintage matchbox (that once belonged to an old mans matchbox collection) Each one is totally unique. Made from recycled and vintage materials. Thats why alas, they are all sold out at the moment! But there are lots of new items in the shop that are just as adorable, such as the Little iccle rabbit pictured here with his friends : )


hrsj said...

those little birds are so clever, i like the colors of the fabrics; fresh. Thanks for posting about her work!

Lobster and swan said...

Thanks for reading! : )