Saturday, 24 November 2007

I'm sleepy. Nearly finished Lost series 3. Only one episode to go : ( Having given up binge drinking long ago and not being a subscriber to sky, the Lost box set has been a great source of entertainment for us (being recluses that don't hit the pub at the weekend.)
So it seems I have no excuses left and I can feel the work room casting an accusing look at me form my safe and comfy seat on the sofa! My friend Mitch says I better get on with the stitching revolution, world domination won't wait forever! Here is a girl who doesn't let her sofa rule her life! Abigail of Gloaming designs always seems to come up with such cute ideas and different ways of reusing vintage things. My favorite's are the pastel blue and silver Symphony note plate and Alpine Sky Tea Time Gift Set. Eyes sore now, must sleep.

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