Saturday, 20 October 2007

Pear tart. Looked good, tasted okay. Found the recipe in a magazine, but I was lacking enough runny honey and added (foolishly) some forest honey! gross, it has such a strong and distinctive flavour it kind of ruined the tart : (

But lucky me, Dean loves my cooking and even when its bad he still eats it! Bless him he's gonna have round two of the disaster tart tonight. Hoping that a scoop of ice cream will compliment it better than the creme fraiche of yesterday.


Cathy said...

It sounds nice - I love anything with pears in. I have had a few cooking disasters this week - a revolting courgette cake, and honeycomb that wouldn't set (too much syrup I think). Andy's cooking tonight!
Cathy X

Lobster and swan said...

I'm normally not too bad but some days it all falls apart. just turned some thai jasmine rice to mush too!!