Monday, 8 October 2007

I have been an admirer of the beautiful, delicate works of Denmark based artist Hanne Matthiesen of Heaven and Earth ever since I discovered her photos on flickr earlier this year. The heaven and earth blog is very inspirational.
The patience Hanne has for long term projects like the intricate quilts she makes from softly faded vintage fabrics, and sets of art works and collages (one lasting a year) is amazing.
There is a real passion to explore and expand techniques. Being involved in many projects she also encourages and inspires others to try little creative tasks like the "hand book for gardening" pictured below. read more here

My favorite of all Hanne's projects has to be the paper art money that is created from layered scraps of paper, fabric, lace, old photos, text and paint.

The picture below shows a section of an exhibition Hanne had in Vilnius, The idea was to make a visual journal or record - one year of her life - in of photos, drawings, texts, bills, notes, tickets, scrap and fabric, bits and pieces. the exhibition - 365 collages - one for every day of the year. See and read about the exhibition here
I think you'll really enjoy reading this one mum : ) xxxx

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Cathy said...

The gardening trug is just fantastic, and I love the paper money display - what a great inspiration piece.
Cathy X