Friday, 5 October 2007

Been up to no good browsing the net again and found some great stuff over at pedlars, this is such a good site for cool gifts and useful bits for the home, plus they sell some great games which get people together (a little more interaction a little less TV!) Here are my favorites. Travel. I just love everything moleskine make. I bought myself one of their Japanese Pocket Albums a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. These city guides are the newest edition to the range. Can't wait to get my hands on the New York one! Travel some more. This cute little wallet is made from a single piece of tyveck, so it is really light and good for traveling. I love the airmail print and secret pocket! Read. While staying at my friends home in barcelona I noticed that all the lights in the apartment seemed to be these utility style lamps fixed to the walls. I really like the way they make pools of directional light just where its required. This one is an original reconditioned 1950s Anglepoise Socialize. Great design for mugs featuring simple blocks of colour and the iconic pantone graphics and number. Everyone has a favorite colour and these can add bold splashes of colour to a kitchen without the need for gaudy patterns. My pet hate is mugs with cats on! It seems I'm surrounded by them at work! Gather. A little paper garland to brighten up your kitchen. Have something like this to keep you feeling festive in between all the other celebrations! Sorry take no notice of me, I love decorations and have them up all year!
Love. Finally a little romance. These bright candle sticks would look great on the kitchen table or mantle piece. They are in the clearance section of the pedlars, site so hurry if you want a set!
Well thats done me in! I get so excited about interiors and how you can change the feel of a room by just using candles instead of electric lamps or swapping the summer linen on your bed for piles of chunky blankets. I think I should be a personal shopper then I could exercise the retail therapy and be serving a purpose too!


Cathy said...

Wow - I wish you were my personal shopper! I love all of those things, and I too hate mugs with cats on (or ones that say 'World's Best teacher/ father/ sister etc etc). That paper garland is just adorable. I am going there right away to browse the site.
Cathy XX

shutterbean said...

i LOVE those moleskine travel logs! I just bought one of their daily planners for next year. I'm so anxious to use mine! I also got a little notepad of graph paper this weekend. so exciting!