Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Labour and Wait is such a great shop selling all manner of household things! All in simple traditional finishes, wood, string, cotton, linen, its such a visual treat! I'm a sucker for the simplicity of everything they sell. I think it has to be one of my top ten. There is a real feel of nostalgia here and I just love it. Each product is beautiful AND useful. What more could you ask for? Its in Cheshire Street, situated in the top half of Brick lane, just below Bethnal Green Road in the East End of London. This is a sweet little street with loads of amazing shops all selling beautiful products and a few bargains! There is a street market here too at the weekends and so many people sometimes it can be a bit like a human traffic jam! But it is really worth the elbow battle to see some of these boutiques.
take a virtual tour here!

I also found this great link to Oldtown Oldtown the brilliant clothing designers/manufacturers. I first heard about this brand a couple of years ago in the World of Interiors magazine. I seem to remember the owners having an amazing interiors style, but it slipped my mind and luckily Labour and Wait led me back to them! Producing approximately fifty garments per week from its own workshop using British cottons, woollens and linens. The fabrics they use are just lovely and the cut of the clothes has a utilitarian chic feel.

hope you like these two sites as much as I do. Anyway I'm o so late for work now : ) so I'd better go!

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Claudia said...

Labour and Wait will also be on my list. Do you know other nice places like that in London?