Sunday, 30 September 2007

I'm back, already missing the sun and the narrow streets. But glad to have my own bed and be able to understand what's going on around me! Tamzin and I spent our five days staying with a friend in his apartment near the bourne in the old town of Barcelona.
A lot of walking and about four million stairs up, we reach the fifth floor apartment and are greeted by the feline welcome party, she becomes our friend for the week.
This is a glimpse of the "guest suite" beautiful old shutters and windows, balcony, original tiled floors. Our friend kept apologizing for its derelict state but all I saw was ancient charm and crumbling beauty.
Loved this chair. Nearly all the furnishings in the apartment were found out on the streets where they get left out in the evenings by people hoping someone will give them a new home. Its crazy what you find! Things which would cost a bomb in antique and retro shops here in England.
The kitchen, it was a little like camping, fun for us not so much if you have these basic amenities to work with everyday : ( One of the many mosaics from Parc Guell designed by Antonio Gaudí. Amazing and well worth the hike! The view from the top is amazing, a weird and magical place. Finally the purpose of my visit to this beautiful city, the baked goods! This bakery had the best display, piles of meringues, pastries, macaroons, chocolate curls. I wanted to buy them all.
Thanks Jo, for letting us live with you for the week. I had the best time. x


Cathy said...

What a fantastic apartment! As for those cakes - did you manage to fit many in your suitcase?! Glad you had a good time.
Cathy X

Lobster and swan said...

I had a great time, thanks. The hike up all the stairs limited the damage of eating all that cake and the many different flavors of ice cream! (it would have been rude not to taste them all!)